The BEST‼️💪🏽 Fast Food EVER‼️🤯 (Only In NC) #fyp #entertainment #shorts #fastfood .com/watch?v=fuNGLWsn42w

15 thoughts on “The BEST‼️💪🏽 Fast Food EVER‼️🤯 (Only In NC) #fyp #entertainment #shorts #fastfood

  1. My boy please get a cut or at least learn how to take care of the style you have now and bro your beard come on lol if your gonna be on camera at least look somewhat presentable

  2. Damn that ish look good af!!! Next time I’m off in Carolina I gotta check this place out. They got em in South Carolina anyone know???

  3. I know this comment will go unnoticed but keep me in your prayers please. I used to have 5 brain tumors, but now I have only 1 left to go. In the past I became deaf, and also started having seizures. If you’re reading this I hope things get better for you and your family. One love 💙

  4. Jesus Christ loves us so much he died on the Cross for our sins and rose from the Grave, put your faith in Jesus Christ.

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